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REOCA Membership Benefits

Since 2018, REOCA has been the voice of homeowners who use their own renewable energy, like rooftop solar, to power their houses. We have successfully stopped rate hikes on rooftop solar homeowners, and helped local communities pass renewable energy-friendly policies. Now, we’re hosting our major first membership drive to continue increasing the diversity of our coalition and increase our momentum!

By joining REOCA, you are joining a community of Coloradans who understand the power homeowner renewable energy has to change our power grid, increase economic opportunities, and combat climate change. Your annual membership fees help us continue to successfully promote renewable energy, fight for fair net metering practices, stop rate hikes on rooftop solar, and  advocate for fair compensation for renewable energy customers. Plus, RECOA members get exclusive discounts on cool solar-friendly appliances and credit unions!

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PO Box 8276
Pueblo, CO 81008-8276

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