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Board of Directors

President, Ken Danti a founding board member for the non-profit Renewable Energy Owners Coalition of America,, promoting and protecting renewal energies. He has over 40 years experience in semiconductor technology and design. He is currently President of Danti Labs focused on microelectronic design consulting. Previous employment includes GlobalFoundries, Freescale, Motorola, Inmos and Texas Instruments with positions in engineering and management.

Ken returned to his native Pueblo in 2017 to spend time with his mother and family. He is actively involved in community efforts focused on local energy policy to help Pueblo and its citizens. Ken is a member of the City of Pueblo's Energy Commission and Pueblo's Energy Future.

Ken has a M.S. Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX and a B.S. Engineering Physics from Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO.

Vice President, Mark Holmes graduated from Sam Rayburn High School in Pasadena Texas in 1967. While being employed by Stewart and Stevenson Services in Houston Texas in 1968, he attended San Jacinto College and earned his Associate of Arts and Associate of Applied Science degrees in electronic engineering. He completed all math and electronic courses necessary for a B.S. degree at the University of Houston as well as a software certification at Texas A&M University. 

His responsibilities at Stewart and Stevenson included: journeyman electrician, electrical department supervisor, electrical inspector, switchgear design, electronic research, and development design, and support of 60 and 400-hertz ancillary equipment used on commercial and military generator sets. He was employed by Oil Data Inc from 1980-86 repairing computer mainframes, and analog and digital equipment used in oil exploration. 

In 1987, they opened their own business, I.E.S., supporting major generator service companies throughout the US. After 27 successful years, he retired in 2015. In 1995 he designed a PWM charge controller for a solar system he installed on his motorhome saving over 48000-kilowatt hours to date. 

Him and his wife are happy to call Pueblo their home.

Secretary, Heather Maio brings to the table a 28-year career as an Environmental Health Director at the Pueblo health department.  She has a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and an MPA from UCCS. She has always been an advocate of clean energy and recycling. She developed the Environmental Coordinator program through which we conducted much needed education, as well as numerous recycling and trash collection events in all parts of the city, and a collection for hazardous chemicals for appropriate disposal. I also was highly instrumental in building the LEED platinum health department.

She is a proud solar panel owner. I recently upgraded my panels, which now are providing all of my electrical needs.

She is thrilled to be a Board member of REOCA and look forward to helping us stave off threats to generation of clean electricity from the sun!

Treasurer, Thomas A. Blomster a semi-retired professional musician and teacher who moved to Pueblo with his wife Nikki Tsuchiya in early 2018 after 40+ years in Denver and around the world. Thomas and Nikki had solar panels installed on their home in Pueblo soon after purchase, both to help with the environment and with the high cost of electricity in Pueblo.

Currently Thomas is Music Director of the Colorado Chamber Orchestra, Douglas County Youth Orchestra, and Locust the Opera by Dr. Anne Guzzo and Jeffrey Lockwood. In March 2019 Thomas conducted the North African premiere of Locust the Opera in Agadir, Morocco. He has also performed around the world and the USA, including Mongolia, New Zealand, Switzerland, and Germany. He has extensive experience in administering non-profit organizations as well as labor unions. Both Thomas and Nikki are politically active, supporting social justice, honest government, and environmental issues.

More about Thomas here:

Webmaster, Dianne Danti is a certified Administrative and Medical Administrator. Previously employed at Saturday Evening Post, Texas Instruments, Stokely-Van Camp, Pacificare Insurance and others.  She has experience as an Inventory Associate, Office Manager, Office Administrator, Fundraiser Assistant, Accounts Receivable and Payable Associate and K-12 Substitute Teacher. She is currently webmaster where she develops and manages content for several non-profits. Dianne volunteers on Pueblo Energy Future, Pueblo Trusted Leaders Campaign and is chair of Bring Power Home Pueblo. 

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. Moved to and lived in Austin, Texas for 30 years and move to Pueblo in 2017. She enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Director, Tom Corlett promoted solar and energy efficiency in Colorado for much of his life including being a key person in the founding of REOCA, he lookforward to helping the organization gain members through added value as we promote and protect member systems. As a LEED® professional, he wants to see new construction be as energy-efficient and solar integrated as possible.

Director, Jane Fraser is retired from 40 years as an engineering professor, the last 21 years as chair of the Department of Engineering at Colorado State University-Pueblo. She is an industrial engineer, with expertise in quality, statistical analysis, and decision theory.

Jane wants Pueblo to show the world how to make the transition needed to save the planet.

She is a member-owner of the San Isabel Electric Association. She is embarrassed to state that she does not have solar panels on my home on 53 acres in Hatchet Ranch; we don’t lack the space to do it.

Besides REOCA, she serves on the Boards of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Pueblo County and the Southern Colorado Economic Development District. She is a member of the 2030 Commission and Pueblo’s Energy Future. I convene Pueblo Makes, a group that supports all makers in Pueblo.

Director, Kisi Thompson is a master electrician, starting in the 90s,  and was inspired by her dad who was a welder and they did all sorts of home projects when she was a kid. Her dad always wanted to live off grid and worked on solar power back in the early '70s. They started out with glass panels tin cans painted black and a simple automotive fan and later learned about PV which changes light energy into electrical energy.

Technology has changed dramatically and is continually growing and getting better almost 50 years later. She likes the challenge of making energy more efficient and solving problems in existing and old buildings. Merging existing wiring and infrastructure to the utility grid and safety standards is a huge challenge.The national electric code updates every 3 years and is always morphing to keep new technology safe and customers in their homes even safer.

Her passion has been to help customers understand their systems and be able to tell from their inverter to their electric bill if it's working or if there are errors. Coming up with solutions that make financial sense and blend with local rules and regulations. is the key to making all solar successful.

She personally likes creative energy storage solutions like running trains up mountains, weights & flywheels, water tank gravity systems to store power in kinetic energy instead of standard batteries, there is always so many ideas coming. She loves learning about all the new technology and wondering why didn't I think of that?

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